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A story of artisan bakers and pastry chefs

In the 1950s, Jole and Luigi Gallina, thanks to their experience as bread-makers when they were young, bought a retail space which sold bread and pastries and then a small bakery where they developed the family business by becoming producers of fresh and frozen pastries.

As bakers, their goal was to prepare the best desserts by following traditional, pastry recipes of the Veneto region. This passion and love for baking was passed on to their children who, some years later, started their own careers in the baked goods sector.

One of the children founded “Asolo Dolce”, specialized in puff pastry. Another two children founded “Forno d’Asolo”, which focused on baking croissant and frozen pastries.

In the 80s, their son Angelo, started specialising in freezing some pastry products like cakes, single-serve cakes, cannoli, strudel, single-serve tarts and other baked goods, thus founding Il Dolce Forno.

Thanks to this technique, the desserts are baked and cooled down rapidly to maintain their organoleptic and flavour characteristics to offer a product that is completely safe from a hygienic-sanitary point of view.

angelo gallina owner of dolce forno founder
Gallina family - il dolce forno

Eleonora and Samuele, Angelo’s children, like their father, inherited the same passion for pastries and baked goods and started working as the 3rd generation of producers of fresh and frozen pastries, following in the footsteps of the historical family business launched in the previous century.

With their father, who still actively works in the company, the children decided to invest in a new production plant that would cater to the current needs of their clients and the food market. They realised that to conquer the international hotel and catering and large-scale distribution industries, they needed a greater production capacity, certifications and research & development department to create new products.

In September 2019 the new 3500 m2 production plant in Altivole, in the province of Treviso, was opened. This new plant includes bright offices, a modern production area, a department dedicated to the freezing and deep freezing stages and a warehouse equipped with a loading dock.

Generations of artisan bakers


High-quality fresh and frozen desserts

Like many other production and sales businesses that are part of the fabric of the economy of the Veneto region and, more in general, of Italy, Il Dolce Forno is also a family-run business, created by its founder, his 2 children and employs more than 40 workers.

The company has a strong bond with its territory and aims at building customer loyalty. How?

First of all, by keeping the traditional values that characterise us as fresh and frozen pastry producers firm and in sight. Secondly, by maintaining a high level of professional competence so as to satisfy the ever-changing and growing market demands.

Il Dolce Forno always focuses on the qualitative excellence of its production of fresh and frozen pastries, obtained by combining production innovation and artisanal “flair” which define the production process.

The goal of the company is always the same, producing the best desserts by following traditional pastry recipes of the Veneto region, while maintaining the quality of the product at the right price for families which consume quick, but good, traditional quality meals.

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