Cakes with Private Label


Customize our pastry products with your brand name

Il Dolce Forno offers a private label service for its clients.
This gives our business partners the possibility of putting our pastries on their
markets the best way possible with their private label.

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Besides producing and selling “Il Dolce Forno” brand baked goods, our company also supplies a completely graphically customised contract manufacturing service for all our products. Il Dolce Forno was actually founded as a contractor and knows the needs of the distribution world very well, as well as the flexibility required by distribution chains and the hotel and catering industry. We continue to offer this expert knowledge to our clients and the market by collaborating towards the success of the client’s private label.

We know well that Private Label products can be a very important marketing tool for our clients and for this reason, we are open to any collaboration that can benefit our business partners.

The client can directly supply us with the different customization proposals by e-mailing us their files with the graphic layout or they can be designed and developed by our internal graphic design and marketing department.

Private label products make positioning the product by the distributor easier, while guaranteeing the quality of a brand product. Whether you are considering large-scale distribution or the hotel and catering industry, brand loyalty is strategic and Il Dolce Forno knows it.

Contact us to tell us about your project and to plan the development of your brand with our products and services together

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