For a food company like Il Dolce Forno, it is mandatory to offer its clients products with a high level of food safety,
possible thanks to food certification. For this reason, besides the HACCP standard, the company
also took on the standardisation of its procedures so as to certify
its ability to supply safe pastries and baked goods that
comply with contractual specifications and
requirements of the law.


IFS Food Certification

The IFS Food certification is, among the food certifications, the standard which enables us to the make a careful selection and verification of our suppliers. This means our high quality pastries and baked goods surpass the strictest European standards required by the large-scale distribution and hotel and catering industries.

Being IFS Food certified entails implementing its management system, which undergoes a first audit to verify that it is being carried out, and then, a second control audit.

During the last step, an external consulting company, in our case CSQA, the certification company, carries out the final audit to certify that the company is compliant with the IFS Food Standard. The implementation of this process offers numerous advantages:

-greater awareness regarding food safety and product quality by all the employees

-total control of the work environment, the products, the processes and the personnel which has to operate according to the HACCP method

-optimisation of resources used in the various processes

-mapping of all the company processes and their optimisation to increase efficiency

–lower number of non conformities and lower costs

-a clear evaluation method regarding supplier performance

-improved company branding

UTZ Cocoa Certification

The UTZ Cocoa certification defines the standards for sustainable agriculture through a global certification which includes a system that monitors the production and origin of the cocoa, clearly tracing the origin of the raw material. This ensures that the cocoa purchased has been produced with ethical and environmental criteria in mind and is therefore a sustainable product.

The UTZ brand means agriculture that provides greater opportunities for farmers, their families, and our planet by allowing less invasive farming systems to be used and more profitable vegetables to be grown.

The UTZ certification program is part of a much larger project with ambitious goals, Rainforest Alliance, to create a better future for both nature and people.

It is important for Il Dolce Forno to respect all the requirements laid down by the UTZ Cacao certification throughout the supply chain in order to ensure the company and its customers:
.The traceability of the products;
.The application of proper agricultural practices ensuring safety, quality and legality of products;
.The promotion of a sustainable working environment, avoiding environmental and social exploitation;
.Certification through recognized international standards;
.The rapidity in the qualification processes of the products;
.The inclusion in an international register where all the companies certified according to this standard are present.
.The origin of the raw material, production, transformation, transport and distribution;
.The sustainability of prices and costs along the entire supply chain of purchase
.A better visibility from the market towards the company.

Certificazione FDA

Il Dolce Forno has obtained FDA registration and certification for the export of its confectionery products to the United States.

Over time, the North American market has become an increasingly important channel for the company, with an increase in demand for our baked goods.

Thanks to continuous investments in research and development on the product and investments in new production technologies, Il Dolce Forno is able to face the international markets and the fast changing trends in the food industry.