Fresh and Frozen Baked Goods Production


Il Dolce Forno’s production process was designed to optimize the production of fresh and frozen baked goods in three shifts.
The victorious idea of combining technology and tradition meant being able
to reach the goals set: high productive capacity, flexibility, top level food safety. At the same
time, we wanted to preserve the human touch that our artisan bakers add to our
products making them unique and of the highest quality.


In the ’50s of the last century, grandparents Jole and Luigi Gallina, strengthened by the experience as bakers made by young people in the family, bought a store that served as both bakery and pastry shop and then another small bakery, developing the family business and becoming producers of frozen and fresh pastries. 


The first step of the production process of our fresh and frozen baked goods takes place when the raw materials are received and quality control of everything that arrives is carried out.
Once they pass the test, the quantities of every ingredient are calculated based on production for one week and moved to a second warehouse. This operation is important so as to divide production in lots thus making every single product baked traceable, as per our certification requirements.

warehouse and quality control
weighing raw material


The second step is the weighing of every ingredient with high precision and highly automated systems to guarantee that the quality of the final product is consistent in time. During the production process, every cake is weighed another two times: after the shaping step and during the packaging step. This triple weight control is executed to ensure that the final weight conforms with the client’s specifications.


L’impasto è la base di qualsiasi prodotto di pasticceria da The mixing step is the basis of any baked pastry product. Therefore, this step is strategically important to obtain high quality desserts. The mixers used by Il Dolce Forno are among the most technologically advanced and ensure flexibility for the various types of batter/dough and excellent mixing of the ingredients so as to create uniform batter/dough.

dough mixer
cake moulding


Every cake, single-serve cake and tart has a unique shape. For this reason, the shaping step is a precise and accurate process which is executed through the pressing of the shortcrust pastry. This process is constantly supervised by an artisan baker to guarantee the right structure and size of the product. During this step, the cake/tart is filled and the first decoration may be applied.


In Il Dolce Forno’s new production plant, there are many innovative green technologies which reduce environmental impact and make our products eco-friendly. The photovoltaic plant installed on the roof of the building generates a large part of the energy consumed by the systems. The state-of-the-art refrigerator cooling system does not utilize the dangerous Freon gas, but rather a system that uses ammonia, which is very environmentally compatible. All packaging is made of recyclable plastic so that it can be reused an infinite number of times.


Un lavoro esclusivamente fatto da mani esperte che A task exclusively carried out by expert hands which customise every cake or mini-cake, adding a wide variety of ingredients like nib sugar, apple, red fruits, almonds and much more. This step makes each cake unique by giving that added value to our fresh and frozen baked goods.

handmade cake filling
rotor baking oven


We have decided to install technologically advanced convection ovens to bake our products: Rotor ovens. This system creates the circulation of air uniformly distributed in the baking cavity with a rotating rack on which the cakes are placed. The cakes are baked by the ventilated air which guarantees a uniform bake.


Once baked, the products are put into big blast chillers where they undergo a rapid cooling process, thus favouring the shelf life of the baked goods and contrasting bacterial growth. The cooling temperature changes based on whether the product is fresh or frozen. Moreover, during this step, for some types of cakes, there is a second decoration step, including the addition of gelatine, icing sugar or chocolate, all done by hand.

baked products
packaging il dolce forno


The last step of the production process is the packaging of the product. With the help of a highly automated system, our baked goods are precisely and safely packaged on a conveyer belt. Then, the packaged products are put in their final packaging and transported in refrigerated vehicles where they remain until they are delivered to the client.