Sustainable company


Sustainable high-quality pastry production process

The new production plant, a series of measures and technologies were implemented so as to make our pastry production high quality and with low environmental impact.
As a matter of fact, we decided to become a sustainable and eco-compatible pastry company by reducing the use of chemical substances and compounds, avoiding any type of environmental
damage, using alternative energy sources, optimizing water consumption and working only
with suppliers who follow the same work ethics and respect for people and
the environment that we do.


About 40% of all the energy required by the plant is powered by a system of high efficiency solar panels installed on the production site roof. Thus, we have heavily reduced CO2 emissions and, during some parts of the day, we actually feed electricity into the power grid.


The new cooling and freezing system combined with the significant automation of our production processes has greatly reduced the consumption of water. The great quantity of water saved was obtained both thanks to an intelligent internal water recirculation system and using the exact quantity of water necessary for the production of baked good. We are saving about 33% with respect to the previous production systems. produzione delle nostre torte.

The cooling system installed both for the big refrigeration units and for the air-conditioning of the offices, does not utilize the dangerous Freon gas, but rather an innovative process involving the use of ammonia, a natural coolant, not a hydrocarbon. Being that ammonia is a totally eco-compatible and sustainable coolant, it does not contribute to the decrease of ozone, the greenhouse effect or global warming.


TAll plastic packaging used to pack our desserts consists of 100% recyclable PET sheets. This means that once it reaches the end of its life cycle, the packaging can be reused an infinite number of times in accordance with European directives for a sustainable circular economy.